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Waiver Step by Step

Return to Play Waiver Information

Waiver Step by Step

To: USSSA Membership

From: Donny DeDonatis III, Chief Executive Officer, USSSA

With several states easing various restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 virus, it is critical our teams, managers, coaches, directors, and events strictly adhere to the new return-to-play models we have established for USSSA-sanctioned events. This is for the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, family members, and other supporters, which is our No. 1 priority.

Please click on this link to review the USSSA return-to-play models for both practices and tournaments. We emphatically stress that these guidelines, procedures, and recommendations do not replace or supersede any protocols or restrictions outlined by your state or local authorities. Everyone must continue to follow your local or state guidelines for facilities and events.

Please note that adult players, as well as parents/guardians of youth players, are now required to sign a new “POST COVID-19 USSSA Waiver.” Details of the waiver – one for adult players and a separate waiver for youth players – may be reviewed at and the actual signing process is done by logging in to the individual’s guardian or player account on

This waiver must be signed for any player to be eligible to now participate in USSSA-sanctioned events. Players who do not have a waiver signed (either by themselves for adult players, or by a parent/guardian for youth players) will be moved off of their roster and into a “pending” status. Once the new waiver is signed, the player will be returned to their team’s official playing roster.

COACHES/TEAM MANAGERS: It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that each of your players’ parent/guardian has signed the waiver to be eligible for your roster otherwise they will remain ineligible to play.

All player eligibility rules will apply to any player who appears in a game but has not yet executed the updated waiver.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please take care.

Donny DeDonatis III

Chief Executive Officer


P.S. If you have questions please contact your state director.

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Get Ready For A Border Battle



Former Team USA player and Senior Softball Program Coordinator Jeff Hall has decided to give back and join forces with USSSA to run a new and improved Border Battle for the senior circuit!


Join the best players in the country on the Fourth of July at the USSSA Senior Softball Border Battle at the state-of-the-art USSSA Space Coast Complex. All-star teams from the United States and Canada will face off to determine where the best senior softball players reside. And best of all, you can be part of it. Team qualification will be an open process, so if you’re good enough, you can make the team.

And even if you don’t, you can come to Space Coast and catch all the action. There will be fireworks! And if you can’t make it, USSSA will live stream all the action.

Get all the information about the event here, and if you want to nominate a player, just fill out the form below. You cannot nominate yourself! Nominations should come from managers, coaches or sponsors.

USSSA Senior Softball Border Battle

WHERE: USSSA Space Coast Complex, Viera, Fla.

WHEN: July 4, 2020 – Independence Day

WHO: We want the best players in the country no matter the division/class. So whether you play AA, AAA, Major or  Conference, if you can play, you can play.

HOW: Selection committees will evaluate and select players for two American teams (50 & 55-60) and two Canadian teams (two 50-60s). Coaches may nominate players using the form below. We’ll also have two special teams called The Chosen Ones (50 & 55-60) that will compete in the tournament.




Border Battle Nomination Form

Welcome to USSSA Senior Softball!

USSSA Senior Softball is taking everything you love about tournament softball and making it even better! We have a full schedule of events for 2020 from coast to coast, so mark your calendars and start on the road to the USSSA Senior Softball World Series

Welcome to the new era of USSSA Senior Softball. We have something for everyone in 2020, so no matter where you play or what your level, there’s a tournament for you.

While we’re bringing you many things that are new, we’re doing it with people and organizations that you already know and that have proven themselves over the long haul.

Of course you know USSSA, one of the largest amateur sports organizations in the world. USSSA is a governing body for 13 sports, with unmatched people and infrastructure. And as part of USSSA, senior softball will have many of the features you are already familiar with, including the Conference NIT system, USSSA Points, and statistics that are tracked across national tournaments.

USSSA Senior Softball will also feature a true World Series, at the USSSA Space Coast Complex in Viera, Fla., a complex unmatched by any other facility in senior softball. Teams can qualify for the World Series by winning Conference NIT events or accumulating USSSA Points.

And overseeing USSSA Senior Softball will be Program Coordinator Jeff Hall, a name that should be very familiar to softball players. Hall is a longtime player at the highest professional levels of the game and has amazed fans all over the world with hitting demonstrations in stadiums and charity tournaments. He has been on teams that have won more than 15 world championships across multiple organizations and around the world. He has 32 all-world selections with numerous tournament MVP awards, and is a four-time national batting champion.

Jeff is accomplished away from the diamond as well. He has been the USSSA North Carolina director for baseball and fast-pitch softball at the youth levels for many years. He has been dedicated to helping young men and women develop not only their skills on the diamond, but also social skills, teamwork, and a drive that will benefit them as they enter the adult world.

Now he’s bringing all those skills to USSSA Senior Softball. Come along and join us!

Keep Up With USSSA Senior Softball

Of course you can find all the information you need here on our website, but you should also sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss anything.

USSSA Senior Softball is on Facebook and Instagram, with the handle @usssaseniorsoftball. We’ll have information about upcoming events as well as reports from tournaments throughout the year. In fact, Facebook was where Program Coordinator Jeff Hall originally announced the return of USSSA Senior Softball in September. In case you missed it, here’s the announcement:

Ok softball world you have ask for it and now “HERE WE COME” there will be a lot of info coming out over the next couple months so stay tuned…very excited about this and have the best place in the country for World Series @ Space Coast Stadium…will be hosting all divisions from 40-75 all senior approved bats will be allowed…country will be broke up into 3 regions, East Region will be Jeff Hall, Mid West Region will be Greg Huchingson, West Region VIC Rivera, anyone interested in hosting any events starting in 2020 please reach out to one of us….a lot more info coming over next several months…Greg Huchingson Victor Rivera Dennis Turner Mike Cornell Ken Van Bogaert Jason Mcewen Wesley Campbell Bill Anderson Bill Barrett Ed Starcher Larry Jackson Larry Carter

Posted by Jeff Hall on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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