Welcome to USSSA Senior Softball!

USSSA Senior Softball is taking everything you love about tournament softball and making it even better! We have a full schedule of events for 2020 from coast to coast, so mark your calendars and start on the road to the USSSA Senior Softball World Series

Welcome to the new era of USSSA Senior Softball. We have something for everyone in 2020, so no matter where you play or what your level, there’s a tournament for you.

While we’re bringing you many things that are new, we’re doing it with people and organizations that you already know and that have proven themselves over the long haul.

Of course you know USSSA, one of the largest amateur sports organizations in the world. USSSA is a governing body for 13 sports, with unmatched people and infrastructure. And as part of USSSA, senior softball will have many of the features you are already familiar with, including the Conference NIT system, USSSA Points, and statistics that are tracked across national tournaments.

USSSA Senior Softball will also feature a true World Series, at the USSSA Space Coast Complex in Viera, Fla., a complex unmatched by any other facility in senior softball. Teams can qualify for the World Series by winning Conference NIT events or accumulating USSSA Points.

And overseeing USSSA Senior Softball will be Program Coordinator Jeff Hall, a name that should be very familiar to softball players. Hall is a longtime player at the highest professional levels of the game and has amazed fans all over the world with hitting demonstrations in stadiums and charity tournaments. He has been on teams that have won more than 15 world championships across multiple organizations and around the world. He has 32 all-world selections with numerous tournament MVP awards, and is a four-time national batting champion.

Jeff is accomplished away from the diamond as well. He has been the USSSA North Carolina director for baseball and fast-pitch softball at the youth levels for many years. He has been dedicated to helping young men and women develop not only their skills on the diamond, but also social skills, teamwork, and a drive that will benefit them as they enter the adult world.

Now he’s bringing all those skills to USSSA Senior Softball. Come along and join us!